The Akashic Records is the etheric database for all souls' actions, thoughts, deeds and intention. Past lives, current lives, future lives and soul origin are all recorded in this etheric library. The records were first accessed by the Sleeping Profit, Edgar Cayce, and later on Rudolph Steiner and currently Linda Howe.

I have been certified through the Linda Howe institute since March 2016.  I receive images and messages through my Higher Self, much like a day dream. I can hear and see visions play by closing my eyes and tapping in. I get body sensations of reading the others emotion. I interpret the senses in my own way. I'll hear words and repeat verbatim. I usually get the persons divine mission, what they came here to do and how it relates to the Big Universal Plan. I will tell you what you already know deep down. The Records never give anything you cannot handle. There is no reason to fear this Energy that is in all things.

The ability to read records is not exclusive. You can read records as well. I've just practiced a lot and have used my third eye in practice.

I can guide you to teachers who taught me if you so wish for that information.

I am available in person on the Big Island, by phone or Skype session. Sliding scale of $44-88 usd for an hour session. Please reference my contact information to book a session. 

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