Artist Bio:

I grew up with a lot of support for my artistic endeavors and that foundation keeps leading me down creative unknown paths. I attended vocational training for commercial art and four years of college art classes, but the real journey for me as an artist began when I started to just play with my creativity.

Now I paint with my heart. I enjoy expressing what flows through me without judgement. My art has leveled up in the last few years as I go through my own evolution. I've been drawing nearly everyday this year. My paintings are starting to take on a real interesting psychedelic vibe, to where I'm the witness and I'm letting the painting guide me. I'm beginning to allow the art to come through me now as I paint. Its a very humbling process and I am channeling the images now. Feasts for the eyes as we all tap into our fullest potential and get elevated by whats coming through into creation right now.


I currently paint live at festivals and shows on the Big Island of Hawaii, am one of the founders of the Puna Art Collective, and my original art resides at the Wild Heartist Gallery in downtown Hilo. I also give Akashic readings through the gallery. I'm stepping into a deeper realm of art this year, going into oil painting lessons, and beginning a tattoo apprenticeship journey. Art is my life and my mission is to receive the images from the Universe and give them to the people. 

I'm a mother, a lover, a sister, a daughter and an auntie. I'm a wanderer, a rebel, a visionary, and an empath. My mission is to inspire others to be their highest selves.

I mostly reside on the Big Island of Hawaii but I'm free to wander the Earth sometimes too. Please reach out of you'd like to connect with me. 

Thank you for supporting what I do. Mahalo nui loa

Bio updated 11-11-2019

Photo by Susanna Garvey

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